“High expectations are the key to everything.”

(Sam Walton)

How we can work together

Whether you need support on a specific project in the area of Corporate Governance or somebody to manage a Corporate Governance program or project for your organization from start to finish, I would be happy to assist you with all matters that relate to the proper management and control of your entity(ies) for that you can focus on your core business.

To give you an idea on what type of projects Plumeria could assist you with, here are some suggestions:

  • Establish or update clear reporting lines and means of communication to control risks identified and define each and everyone’s roles to mitigate these risks
  • Review and/or implement an adequate Internal Controls framework that responds to key risks, especially 
    when the organization’s circumstances have changed e.g. after an acquisition or divestiture
  • Ensure an appropriate incentives structure for employees that will support the board’s strategies
  • Develop and implement tools that allow for adequate and timely communication of internal policies and procedures to employees and favor their compliance
  • Develop templates, best practice aids, communication tools or training materials to promote consistent and high quality work products of a firm’s staff to external clients, etc.

There are other projects you might want to get help for. Together, we can envisage different types of cooperation based on your particular needs and preferences.

Let’s find a way to share and collaborate.