Why is Corporate Governance so important ?

"Corporate Governance - the rules and practices that govern the relationship between the managers and shareholders of corporations, as well as stakeholders like employees and creditors - contributes to growth and financial stability by underpinning market confidence, financial market integrity and economic efficiency." (OECD Definition)

Although the concerns with regard to Corporate Governance and Internal Control in particular are different for companies depending on their size, set-up and needs, good Corporate Governance will benefit large but also family-owned businesses and SMEs. Whereas large organizations aim at establishing a framework, systems, policies and procedures that help ensure that management acts in the best interest of all stakeholders, in smaller structures, where managers are often also the owners, good Corporate Governance will contribute to improve their businesses’ performance and efficiency.

Plumeria Consulting helps promote trust and faith in your business and establish a robust Internal Controls and Corporate Governance framework through:

  • Reviewing your Corporate Governance & Internal Control frameworks for their appropriateness in light of your company's circumstances
  • Assessing and enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency of measures implemented by your organization to foster proper management and control of the organization 
  • Strengthening and enforcing adherence to your organizations’ internal procedures at all levels
  • Helping you as a sole-proprietor, partner or manager of a SME focus on your core business while accompanying you through the various facets of your entrepreneurship and the Corporate Governance-related matters that come with it
  • Last but not least, ensuring compliance with applicable standards, rules and regulations