"Action is the foundational key to all success." 

(P. Picasso)

Why Plumeria

Corporate Governance is more than just controls, controls and more controls. Corporate Governance is about protecting your stakeholders rights and assets and making your organization sustainable in the long term.

You want to follow the rules, but you also want to do your business. Corporate Governance should not stop you from doing your business. It should protect it, provide you and your team with the right safeguards and means to ensure that your organization's value will increase.

Implementing or updating a Corporate Governance or Internal Controls framework needs a good dosis of surveillance but conformance should not come before performance. 

Working with Plumeria offers you the following benefits OR My Offer:

  • a highly motivated and engaged professional with a solid expertise in Corporate Governance and Internal Controls
  • high amount of flexibility to accommodate your plans and objectives
  • a hands-on approach that is tailored to your businesses’ particular circumstances and needs taking into account your organization's culture
  • valuable team player who easil fits into teams
  • a central point of contact - information travels faster, no multiple communication layers or dilution
  • a flexible pricing structure for services that are eligible for government grants

leadership, efficient communication, flexibility, tenacity, care for the business and its people, and of course a solid technical background. You have to own the project to drive it to success. 

The combination of these qualities is a valuable take-away from my past experiences as Manager in financial auditing as well as Director Mergers & Acquisitions for a medium-sized M&A boutique, where I got a lot of insight into organizations of different sizes, types, industries, etc.  This experience has shown me that good Corporate Governance is essential to economic stability. For SMEs in particular, the lack of expertise, tight budgets, and sometimes even the absence of awareness of the need of good governance prevent companies from seeing the benefits that a solid Corporate Governance framework will bring. 

Short Bio

The desire to grow in an international environment and my interest in interacting with people of different cultures, have driven my career since its start. Having obtained my University Degree in Economics (University of Cologne) and CEMS Master in International Management (HEC Paris & University of Cologne), I started to work as a Financial Auditor for PwC Paris, one of the "Big 4" auditing firms worldwide. I worked for the PwC Paris and New York offices, serving private and public clients mostly in the Retail & Consumer and Pharmaceutical Industries and was responsible for the audit of Internal Control and leading teams through financial statements audits.

Working in the US was an enrichment in many respects and has allowed me to take over a Manager role in PwC France’s Methodology department in addition to my work as Audit Manager once back in Paris. Advising PwC audit teams as to the implementation of the appropriate and efficient audit strategy, with particular focus on PCAOB integrated audits and ISA, developing and updating internal tools and resources, and training auditors from Juniors to Partners were some of my achievements in this role.

After almost ten years with PwC, it was time for a new challenge. I started to work for ONEtoONE Corporate Finance as a Director in cross-border Mergers & Acquisitions in the Specialty Chemicals space. This has given me the opportunity to consider Internal Control and Corporate Governance in general from a different angle and confirmed that there is a true need for expertise in these areas.

The obvious need for people with good Corporate Governance and Internal Controls expertise and my ambition to accompany organizations in the optimization of their Corporate Governance and Internal Controls frameworks have set the foundations for Plumeria Consulting at the end of 2014.

If you are interested in exploring possible cooperations, please send an email to: 


With warm regards,

Katharina Baudouin-Goerlitz